Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can grow your business

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In this short blog we will talk about how you can improve your SEO and why your clients need you to have it in a modern digital society. If you have ever needed a website, you must have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Do a simple search of ‘SEO’ on google and you can go down a rabbit hole and see the numerous agencies offering their services to improve your websites ranking on search engines.

Why SEO is so important?
Let us start with an analogy if you have no idea what SEO is. You are in your local supermarket looking at a shelf of different breads. Right in front of you is the first bread you see which looks so tasty you buy it. Whilst your competitor’s bread is sat on the lowest shelf out of view. That is how Google and any other search engine works. They place your website on the first page only if your website is good enough in quality and relevance.

It is imperative that your websites have the right design, coding and structure that fits search engines criteria of a quality website. Otherwise there are thousands of websites similar to yours, so it is unlikely google will show yours on the first page… so yes basically you don’t exist unless someone exactly searches your URL ( – which is rare.

How can I improve my SEO?
At Moghbel©, we specialise in SEO compatible websites when our clients requires it. It involves:

  • • Using Targeted keywords
  • • Improving website speed
  • • Making your website responsive and mobile-friendly
  • • On-page and Off-page factors

There are numerous more factors that determine your ranking that we apply to the coding of your website to make it search-engine friendly.

Does SEO actually work?
SEO is not an exact science and search engines always change their criteria for a good website. There are many practices however that stay the same, such as a few of the factors mentioned before. A quality website will always fare better than one which was built without being user-friendly.

If you are using outdated guidelines or practices, your site simply will not rank well.

Most professional sites are SEO-optimised and therefore you will still need to compete with many websites for the first page. It really depends on the market you are in and the budget you have. If you are competing with Apple © for a space on selling your own laptops – your likely not to succeed.

However, if you need to be on top of rankings compared to several similar sized businesses to yourself, then you can be realistic that using SEO will mean you can come out on top.

How will SEO improve my business’s growth?
Simple; more exposure to your audience equals more likely customers or people clicking on your website. The higher you are on search engines list, the better.

How do I find out if I need SEO?
We are happy to answer any questions during a consultation on your website. Get in touch at or request a quote.